As for every organisation, Vision, Mission and Values are what better depicts us. And more importantly what truly guides the actions of everyone at G.APP17.

Also, making an impact and becoming part of the change are crucial objectives for all the charities and businesses that make G.APP17’s amazing community. And because we care about what matters the most to our community, impact and change are our main drivers too.

In this blog post, we’d like to outline our Vision, Mission and Values for all those who don’t know G.APP17 yet. Together with this post, you can e-meet G.APP17, visit our website and contact us whenever you like. In doing so, you’ll have the chance to better understand our goal and tell whether you feel aligned with it. We hope that by sharing our values openly, we can influence others to do the same and together take part in a global movement for change.


<< Striving for a world where sustainability is no longer up for debate >>

In this vision there’s our inspiration and motivation. The pledge of our strong and unwavering commitment to always value sustainability. What we mean with the term ‘sustainability’ is balance between People, Planet and Profit.

In one of our previous posts about Earth Day, we explored a new wave of the Triple Bottom Line we feel very much aligned with.

In our vision in fact, People, Planet and Profit are not mutually exclusive. They are intertwined and co-exist in harmony. However, to ensure this is possible we need to collaborate and act together. Only like this will we ensure that economic prosperity and technological advancement can continue, while our communities and the planet thrive.

And with our vision we aim to reach everyone. Because at G.APP17 we believe that a different world where no one is left behind is possible. We have a local focus but together we’ll make a global impact, especially because we rely on the Sustainable Development Goals as our core framework. And we’ll strive for this every day, everywhere.


<< To enable profit-non-profit cross-fertilisation for more effective, strategic and impact-oriented partnerships>>

In this mission statement there’s our promise to you. And it’s not a promise just for the future. It’s the actions we are going to take daily; the value that together we’re going to add to the world and society to make our vision a reality.

Our mission statement outlines our specific and strategic objective we are eager to work towards. At G.APP17 we strongly believe in the potential of partnerships. From our perspective, a cross-fertilisation between the private and the non-profit sector is a surefire. The benefits that each sector can bring in are extraordinary and this means only one thing: change. Businesses and non-profit organisations can really generate positive social and environmental impact if they act together.

And we at G.APP17, are building an innovative tool to make this possible. By combining the power of technology with the uniqueness of human-led support, we’ll help your business or charity build partnerships that have the potential to change the world.


Sustainable – Being the 17th Global Goal to make all the others a reality.

Innovative – Daring to think big and use tech for social impact.

Ethical – Craving accountability and transparency in all we do, even when no one is looking.

Trustworthy – Getting to know our customers’ ambitions to become the change together.

Versatile – Being plastic (-free) in everyday practice.

In these values there’s our essence. And within our essence there’s what we are, how we behave and what drives every decision we make. In fact, our code of ethics is pursued at all levels within our organisation. It is what guides both our personal and professional actions.

At the same time, these values represent how we value our community. With these values in mind we navigate our priorities and channel our focus and energy. And not just for us, but also for all the stakeholders we engage with.

Vision, Mission and Values are the backbone of G.APP17. So, if you feel aligned with us, do reach out. Generating positive social and environmental impact might be already embedded in everything you do. We’re just offering you a platform (but most importantly a community) where partnerships are easier, more strategic and definitively impact-led. Our first release is almost ready. We’d like for you to join and get free early access. If like us you believe in the potential of partnerships for a better world, then this is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

So, whether you are a business or a charity let’s join forces and become part of the change together.