Drumroll, everyone… we’re finally launching G.APP17!

We’re ready for our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and our growing community of change-makers who are joining us to test and help us improve the platform. And with this blog post we’d like to celebrate such a great news and take this opportunity to thank our community but also invite new members to join.

Our journey started over one year ago. The very beginning was something to just dream about. An idea that ran through our thoughts and mouths. Nothing was real back then, except us and our compelling need to change the world.

Together with our strong basic principles and backed up by the amazing LSE Accelerator programme, we’re here to celebrate such an important milestone, which we achieved thanks to you.

The launch of the first version of our platform.

Launching an MVP: build-measure-learn

For someone MVP might not mean anything. We in fact learnt this terminology just at the very beginning of this unusual 2020. So – for those new to the term – let us give you a quick overview of what this is.

A Minimum Viable Product is one of the very first versions of a new product. It allows a team to learn as much as possible by the experience of their early adopters.

An MVP in fact is made of the very basic features of the new product. In this way a team can focus on valuable insights on what works and what doesn’t work.

Our MVP is finally online to help us make our solution unique and tailored to the needs of our community. We adopt this methodology of build-measure-learn that put us in a feedback loop that will proactively shape of our platform.

We’re full of ideas for new features and services to include later on. However, we’re really keen to listen to our community and co-create the best version of G.APP17 together.

That’s why we’re launching an MVP.

What you can do with the MVP

I’d now like to spend few words to explain what businesses and charities will be able to do on our MVP.

First of all, both will be able to sign up onto the platform. Once you complete this step, you’ll have access to the platform where you’ll be able to create a profile. On this profile you have the chance to share your best self and select different criteria that will be crucial for the automated match.

When your catchy profile is created, charities will upload projects, find businesses to partner up with and measure and share their impact.

At the same time, businesses shall find charities to build strategic partnerships with. You will create impact stories together that can then be shared with customers via your favourite social media channels.

It’s not much, yet still the perfect starting point to build upon.

A very big THANK YOU

Since we’re now live, let us share a proper and official thank you.

Our community of businesses and charities is the backbone of this test. This MVP would be nothing without them. Therefore a big thank you goes to them, firstly because they’re very much aligned with our goals and this makes us proud. But also because they have a solid understanding of what we’re building together and decided to take the responsibility of contributing to the creation of G.APP17’s best version. And most importantly, a huge thank you because they are change-makers. They are the leaders of tomorrow who mindfully chose to be.come part of the change.

Whether you’re a business or a charity and if you’re not part of our community yet, please do get in touch. We’ll be more than happy to co-create the platform with you as well.

Join G.APP17. Be.come part of the change.