Dear community, here is an open letter to you about our journey so far.

It’s now a few months since we officially set up G.APP17. It seems yesterday that we were sitting in our living room talking about how we could help businesses and charities with their partnerships.

In the past few months a lot has happened and we’ve decided to share with you a bit about what’s going on with G.APP17 and how we’re working to achieve our vision of building a world where social impact and sustainability are no longer up for debate.

So much support from universities

In January 2020 we pitched G.APP17 at London School of Economics entrepreneurship centre, aka LSE Generate and got into the first ever LSE Accelerator programme. The programme was supposed to start in late March, but well we all know what happened… lockdown begun, the world literally shut down. We were so excited to start this new journey that there was a bit of disappointment when we realised that maybe it wasn’t going to happen after all?

Nevertheless the amazing team of Generate managed to move the entire programme online. Bootcamps, founders’ roundtable, networking and introductions, clinics and even social events.

We’re now 3 months in the Accelerator and let me tell you… many of the things we know today, what we do as leaders and as a business it’s thanks to this programme and the amazing people that take part in it. In this open letter we put together 3 most amazing things we have experienced and learnt:

#1 its about you not us! and what we can achieve together

When we first started with G.APP17 we often tended to focus a lot on what mattered to us as a company. But actually during these months we learnt the importance of listening careful to what you – our amazing community of businesses and charities – told us. What you struggle with. Why you want to build these partnerships and what makes your social impact plans special and unique.

Meeting you over the past months has been such an enriching experience for us. It really made us see that there are so many businesses and non-profits out there who are ready to make a difference for the world. And that by working together with G.APP17 we can really have a massive impact.

#2 Collaboration is the key

At G.APP17 we believe in the power of collaboration as the most important aspect of a successful partnership. In fact, it is the first thing we encourage businesses and charities to think about when building a new relationship.

Over the past months however we’ve worked to build collaborations at all levels of operation. Talking with responsible business hubs in the UK, SDGs networks and like-minded organisations in order to learn from them and share insights.

As leaders, we have collaborated with the founders of the LSE Accelerator cohort and this has been the most important aspect for us. Meeting people that like us are building innovative projects that will change the world in some way. Knowing that they’re going through the same challenges as us. Having that safe space where we can talk about failures, weaknesses and fears as well as share big wins and success. It’s been such an important part of our journey as leaders so far.

#3 Have fun along the way

6 bootcamps, 6 clinics and 12 founders’ roundtable. But hey… we had a goat as guest in one of our sessions and a virtual scavenger’s hunt over Zoom. Here’s proof of the items we collected in the house (it’s an open letter after all!):

G.APP17 - Scavenger hunt on Zoom

Alongside the LSE community, Goldsmiths University has also been amazing in supporting G.APP17. First, we’re part of a startup Acceleration programme co-funded by the EU, Goldsmiths University, South Bank University and Lewisham Council called DEK Growth Programme. Thanks to this we’ve been able to access key mentoring and coaching sessions to help us grow and maximise our impact. In addition, in May 2020 following a very tough selection process we have won the Goldsmiths Innovation Award as one of the most innovative and impactful startups within the Goldsmiths community.

Last but not leastour team is growing!

And finally we wanted to use this open letter to share amazing news with you. The G.APP17’s family is growing! The amazing Aneta Pavliukevic has just joined our team for a 3-months internship sponsored by Santander and LSE Generate. She’s a wonderful human being as well as an amazing professional who’ll help us with marketing operations. But don’t take our word for it… Here she is:

“It’s a match! G.APP17 ‘s values have matched mine! The aim to drive collaboration between businesses and non-profits is essential for both parties’ growth. Having worked on establishing such partnerships before,  I have noticed that the current process is time consuming and unsustainable.

I’m excited to join G.APP17 as a B2B marketer and learn more about its business model, creative ways of attracting customers and partners as well as master my marketing and PR skills. In order to excel at my role, I am ready to learn about all the necessary tools, such as automation; I am a strong believer that the best way of learning is by doing.

Following my traineeship in finance at Procter & Gamble, I have realised that startup world, is the world I want to be in. Early stage ventures have all the power and freedom to drive change, and if one doubts that, one should try sleeping with a mosquito in a room, to see what an impact the smallest of things can have. Startups’ energy matches that of mine too, dynamic, enthusiastic and confident enough to believe in making a difference.

While focused when working, I like to relax with my dog Pepper at home, in the park, or even while paddle boarding together! I’m very much an outdoors person, and love exploring new activities, cuisines and most bizzare places, join me!

Welcome to the team Aneta!

Meanwhile… We’re almost ready to launch! We look forward to welcoming businesses and charities on the platform and work together to build a healthier, happier world for all.

Want to know more? Get in touch, we’d love to learn more about your impact stories.