What a month! We finally launched our brand-new platform and are onboarding non-profit organisations on G.APP17. For this purpose, before we open the other side of the platform to our business community, we wanted to use this space to help our charity users understand how to create a catchy profile that will boost corporate engagement.

Here are a few simple steps to follow.

1. Show what matters to you

Firstly, when you login onto your G.APP17 account you will be directed to the settings. As a first step you want to ask yourself: what matters to my organisation? How are we contributing to making an impact? Which areas do we impact the most?

Only then can you go and tell G.APP17 which Sustainable Development Goals are right for you. Just open the SDG tab on your settings page and highlight up to 5 Global Goals towards which you’re making a difference.

G.APP17 profile creation

You can then also select your countries of operation and add the thematic areas of your work – e.g. children & youth; environment; mental health, etc. These alongside the SDGs will be instrumental in making sure that you get matched with the right corporate partners.

2. Upload your work and projects on your profile

As a second step to create your best profile, projects are your business card. This section has two parts: your existing projects and your proposed projects. You can use the Existing Project section to showcase your work, like a track record section where businesses can see the amazing things you’ve done, the milestones you have achieved and the impact you’ve generated. It’s like your portfolio on G.APP17. It enables businesses to see directly if you’re a good fit for them before going to your website. This will save expensive research time on their end and encourage them to engage with you and your work easily.

The Proposed Projects section though is where you want to spend a bit more time on. Indeed, think about how to structure and organise your proposal just like you would when writing an application to be charity of the year.

That’s where the match will happen. Companies will in fact find you and come across your work through your Proposed Projects. So you really want to shine here.

Below is a step-by-step guide to upload a successful project proposal on your profile.

1. A catchy title and a clear description are key for a good first impression

G.APP17 project overview

2. Do you know what you’re doing? Be specific and win over your next corporate partner.

G.APP17 profile creation

3. Be consistent. Always make sure that your project SDGs match your overall Goals. This will convey a sense of consistency in terms of the areas you’re making an impact towards.


4. Set clear goals and targets for your project so that a potential corporate partner can easily understand how you’re going to operate and how they can get involved.

G.APP17 project goals
G.APP17 project activities

5. Upload one or more photos and the magic is done! Your project is now live and ready to get matched with new corporate partners.

G.APP17 profile overview

So, this was an introduction on how to get started on your non-profit profile on G.APP17.

Our next guide will be on how to get matched with corporate partners, so stay tuned! In the meantime, have a look at great resources on our blog to learn more about us.

Are you not yet part of the G.APP17 community? Let’s chat!