Our planet is extremely beautiful. People are amazingly precious. And we at G.APP17 truly see the potential of collaboration as we strive for a thriving future – especially with charity-corporate partnerships. The journey of G.APP17 starts right here, in the acknowledgement of this surrounding beauty and the burning desire of preserving and improving it, together.

Now, you’re probably expecting a ‘but’.

Sorry to disappoint. While at G.APP17 we are well aware that with beauty comes ugliness, with power comes inequality, with collaboration comes isolation, we strongly believe in the potential of partnerships and change-makers. No ‘buts’ attached.

In fact, we believe in connections, in the simultaneity of networks both online and offline. As young entrepreneurs we’ve indeed experienced the importance of living offline as well as the energy of belonging online.

Therefore, these beliefs lead us throughout our journey with G.APP17.

The genesis

Let’s delve a bit more into the core of why we gave life to G.APP17.

Our university studies, volunteering and professional experiences both in the corporate and charity sectors opened up new perspectives in thinking about these two industries and the ways they interact with one another. With this holistic lens, we embraced the idea that the relation between profit and non-profit should go beyond traditional static philanthropy or infamous ‘green-washing’ experiments.

Instead, we started thinking in terms of collaborative and strategic alliances that enable cross-sector fertilisation and boost partnership values of social impact and sustainability. In other words, we realised that people want to see a world where these values are no longer up for debate, so we needed a tool to make charity-corporate partnerships strategic.

Then, our source of inspiration.

It came while exploring the UN 2030 Agenda: the Sustainable Development Goals – also known as SDGs – and the spirit and objectives they aim to achieve. G.APP17’s name is in fact inspired by the 17th Global Goal (G.17) – Partnerships for the Goals – combined with a tech character to foster innovation (APP). The SDGs provide a historic moment for companies to take up society’s challenges and leverage them as opportunities to enhance business growth and long-term competitiveness.

Accordingly, we believe that embedding this agenda into companies’ business development has the power to create value for others and improving the world we live in, while also inspire innovation, engage and motivate employees and open up new opportunities to drive profit.

Be.coming the change

At G.APP17 we aim to position ourselves as a new means to help achieve the ambitious 2030 Agenda, bringing it to different stakeholders who will be key actors for the empowerment of communities and the planet. Our platform is above all the promoter of a distinctive movement where successful charity-corporate partnerships will lead decisive challenges for everyone’s future.

G.APP17 is indeed committed to change and mutual exchange. Hence, we are here to help non-profit and business communities be.come the change that we need to see in society.

And we do it in a unique way. Today tech is widely present in our daily life, but we know that people make all the difference. So, we came up with this fascinating idea of merging technology with human-led action.

All this begs the question: what are you proposing, guys?

E-meeting the platform

G.APP17 is not just the next fundraising platform, which fails to generate long lasting, measurable impact. G.APP17 is rather the only partnership platform that enables the co-creation of long-term strategic collaboration between businesses and non-profit organisations based on shared values, common objectives and mutual benefit.

And we do this through 6 main pillars:

  1. Trust: all non-profits on our platform are thoroughly vetted to ensure trustworthiness
  2. Match: our algorithms match non-profits’ project objectives with companies’ priorities so that the partnership starts on solid shared grounds
  3. Collaborate: tech is important, but people make all the difference! Through our human-led Mediation service, you will be able to collaborate and co-create project solutions together
  4. Monitor: we provide clear indicators so that impact can be measured and progress monitored
  5. Achieve: we use the SDGs as core framework so that each project contributes to a far greater global change
  6. Share: you will be able to share project results on social media and engage their broader audience.

You’ve now travelled into the genesis of G.APP17. At this point, you might want to hear more about charity-corporate partnerships. Therefore, if you want to fully e-meet us, learn more about how you can get involved and eventually be.come the change yourself, visit the Business or Non-Profit section on our website or fell free to contact us to have a chat!

Also, stay tuned and check out this space. More is coming!

Meanwhile, nice to e-meet you!